Xinyu Liu

2012-now: Institute of genetics and developmental biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Post doctor in Developmental biology.
Supervisor: John R. Speakman

2006-2012: Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Ph. D. degree in Ecology, January 2012.
Supervisor: Dr. Wang De-Hua

2002-2006: College of Biological Sciences, China Agricultural University.

Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, July 2006



Research interests
I have been working as a physiological ecologist for 7 years mostly focusingonbody weight regulation and energy balance in rodents. I would like to utilize this training and continue to examine energy metabolism in rodents and other species. Two issues will be focused on in my post-doctoral research: The first one is about natural obesity in a wild rodents; the second one is about the function of brown adipose tissue in regulating energy metabolism and body weight.



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